• New customizations available!

    New option to have us customize your wig! You can have us cut the lace, apply conditioning product, and style it for you for a small additional fee!


    Free shipping on orders over $150. No coupon needed, it will automatically add the discount to your cart.


    If you need helping picking the right wig for you, send us a message and we'd be glad to schedule a facetime call to help you choose!

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  • Endless Styles

    The best thing about wearing wigs is the endless options to choose from. Want to have short hair today, long hair tomorrow? Done! Want pink hair today, but need a more natural color for that work meeting? Easy peasy! Want to change your look for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do it!

  • Any Occasion

    Wigs used to be worn for special occasions or for those that lost their hair for medical reasons. But wigs have come a LONG way baby! Wigs come in all different price ranges, styles, colors, and options. The only special occasion you need to wear a wig is that you woke up to tackle another day :)

  • Less Effort and Damage

    I don't know what your situation is but I have an auto-immune disease and trying to blow dry and straighten my hair was impossible. I also lost volume due to medication. So, wigs allow me to change the color, length and style without doing much more than running a comb through it. No bleaching, no damage!

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