Best Synthetic Wig Products in 2023

Best Synthetic Wig Products in 2023

With so many wig accessories and wig products out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones you need and want. That's why I'm here to help you pick the best wig products in 2023. I have tested SO many products, and I mean hundreds trying to find the perfect ones, and here they are!


Favorite wig spray - Simply Stylin Light Silk Spray

This stuff is hands down the best spray for synthetic wigs I have found. I have literally been on a quest for two years to find the ultimate spray that "tames" wigs, and this is it. And this Simply Stylin Light Silk Spray does it ALL! It is a heat protectant, it detangles, it de-frizzes, boosts the color, and adds softness. It has replaced my 15 other products I usually rotate through depending on the need. Now I just have one product and I'm done! 


Wig grip caps - Lace wig grip cap and No-lace wig grip cap

Want to secure your wig without glue for glueless wig wearing? One of the worst feelings is when you feel your wig slipping off, especially if you are in the middle of a conversation, a conference call, or in a busy store. There are many reasons why wigs can come off including sweat, movement, lack of traction, and more. I have tried silicone grips, wig grip bands, partial bands, and wig grip caps. The winner has always been wig grip caps as it covers your head and doesn't slip. I have a smaller head, and the grips eventually slide off and just hang out in the back of my wig which is not helpful. Glue or tape is messy and needs a bit of perfection and effort, so a wig grip cap has been my go to solution! The wig grips I have on my site allow for room for those with larger heads or a lot of hair, and they are on the more affordable side than some other brands. If you want an easy way to secure your wig that is temporary and not messy, a wig grip cap is your best bet!

Wig brush and wide tooth comb 

Wig Brush & Comb Set

You "could" brush your wig with any old brush, however, regular brushes pull the synthetic fibers which will ultimately keep your wig from lasting. Using a wig brush that is made with loop bristles will ensure the fibers are not being yanked and stretched, and ensure your wig lasts a lot longer! A wide tooth comb can be used when your wig has a style like tight curls that you don't want to completely brush out. It is never recommended to use a fine tooth comb on a wig!


Synthetic wig shampoo - Simply Stylin' Synthetic Wig Shampoo

Washing your wig with synthetic wig shampoo is always the way to go to ensure your wig lasts longer and looks amazing. I'm sure you've seen the YT videos of people using fabric softener or regular shampoo, but those days are long gone. Things have come a long way, and there are now quite a few options for synthetic wig shampoo, and my favorite is Simply Stylin Synthetic Wig shampoo. I love all their products because they really make my wigs look like I spent hours styling them when I spent under a minute!


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