About Us

Lazygirl Approved specializes in beginner-friendly colorful wigs to help you express your inner beauty or creativity, or just look amazing for a night out. Our mission is to help "normalize" wearing wigs. We all want to feel beautiful, and sometimes the right haircut and color can be just what we need. But who wants to pay hundreds of dollars and sit in a salon chair for hours, only for the color to fade in a couple of days? Not me! I also don’t want to spend hours doing my hair; I want to throw it on and go! If you’re like me, lazygirl approved is here to help you find that amazing color and style that fits into your budget without skimping on quality to help you feel like a Queen (or King). So instead of spending all that cash and time on something you can only enjoy for a couple of days, get a few colorful wigs for that same price and switch up your look every day… or even more than once on the same day! If you want to know more about how we started, keep reading!


My name is Dawn Marshall, and I started Lazygirl Approved after my hair started falling out as a side effect of the medication I was taking for my autoimmune disorders. Not only was my body failing me, but now I felt less than pretty on top of that. I was so weak and in pain that I couldn’t lift my arms to style what hair I had left, so I decided to shave it off. That was very freeing, but after a while, I did miss having hair and the options it gave me to change my look. I also got off the medication that caused the hair loss, but growing back my hair would be a long process. Not only that, but I had no idea if my hair would grow back as it was before or still be much thinner and brittle. So, I decided to look into wigs. And I decided if I was going to do this, I was going to do it my way, and express my personality with my wigs. I have never been one to try to fit in, so my wigs needed to be colorful, bold, and sassy! So I began the quest of watching YouTube videos to see which wigs I should purchase. And what I found was, there were tons of reviews for “natural” colored wigs, but not many for special-colored wigs. I decided to just order some and give it a try. I was super disappointed most of the time because the color swatches on these websites look NOTHING like what the actual color is. So, I figured if I’m looking for these, other people must be too! And if I am going to be purchasing them anyways, I might as well start recording reviews to help other people decide if they want to purchase them or not. My goal was to help people either decide to save their money by not buying it if it wasn’t their taste, or help them put a smile on their face with a gorgeous wig. A smile can change your whole day sometimes! I also started to do giveaways to pay it forward, and so began my new passion for wigs.

After doing reviews for quite a while, I noticed that a lot of the colorful wigs were crazy expensive, and/or they didn’t always have the color combinations I was looking for. I learned a lot about what I did and didn’t like with wigs, and what I wish the manufacturers did better. I also came to realize how much wigs are treated as a secret and sometimes shameful thing. And that propelled me to have two new goals: Help normalize wig-wearing so that anyone and everyone can wear one without feeling shame. It is after all basically an accessory like a purse or earrings. Number two is to sell my own wigs, and one day become a brand specializing in special color affordable wigs. So this is my beginning of that dream with step one being finding colorful wigs from suppliers that are affordable and lazygirl approved – meaning you don’t have to lay it down with glue or do anything crazy – under 5 minutes of effort and you are out the door - and selling them on my site. The money I make from this will help me to eventually launch my own brand of unique affordable colorful wigs.

 Thank you all so much for your support on this journey!! XOXO